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Krasnodar is the fastest developing metropolis of the South of Russia, the capital of the Krasnodar Region. According to official statistics, the citys population is more than 900 thousand inhabitants. Although actually, it exceeds 1 million people.

News and events

Eugene Pervyshov met with the delegation from Wels (Austria)
November 28, 2017 / Foreign economic activity
An official reception of the representatives from the Austrian city of Wels took place in the Administration of Kuban capital. At the end of October this year, Krasnodar signed with Wels a Memorandum of Intent and partnership between the cities.
Krasnodar was offered a concession agreement on development of public transport with investments up to 27 billion rubles
October 31, 2017 / Investment
The chiefs of the city discussed the prospects for development and upgrading the rolling stock of the main municipal carrier Krasnodar tram & trolleybus department (MUP KTTU) with the representatives of the company-operator of concession agreements LLC UK CompuLink Infrastructure. Eugene Pervyshov underscored that the attraction of investments on concession terms is one of the most promising solutions in terms of developing the city public transport network.
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