Success Story

Group of companies April
Director General of April Group of companies Anisimov Vadim Georgievich

Implemented project: Construction of the administrative building of April GC

The pharmacy chain April is among the top largest federal pharmacy chains of Russia. More than 1500 pharmacies in 54 regions of the country seized 3.5% of the entire market of the Russian pharmacy retail.

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LLC Cabaret Bakers
Director General of LLC Cabaret Bakers Bjerge Hans-Morten

Implemented project: Production of frozen bakery products of 100% readiness

Within the framework of the investment project the Norwegian company "KUBAN INDUSTRY PARK AS" launched a plant under the brand CABARET BAKERS on the production of deep-freezing bakery products in 2017 in Krasnodar.

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LLC Expograd
Director General Sevastyanov Dmitry Konstantinovich

Implemented project: Construction of a multi-functional exhibition-congress complex

Owing to a dynamic economic development and high potential of Krasnodar region, the city of Krasnodar was chosen as a place for the construction of a multi-functional exhibition-congress complex (ECC). A group of companies RAMO-M became the initiator of this project. The exhibition-congress complex opened its doors for first visitors in September 2015.

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Peasant (farming) agriculture of entrepreneur Tzyganyuk L.E.
Peasant (farming) agriculture of entrepreneur Tzyganyuk L.E.

Implemented project: Construction of family husbandry farm

A peasant (farming) agriculture of entrepreneur Tzyganyuk is located in the household Kopansky of Kuban intra-urban district of the city of Krasnodar. The agriculture is engaged in rabbit breeding and cultivation of Lucerne.  

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Network of shopping & entertainment malls Red Square
Director of Megacenter Red Square, Krasnodar Buzmakov Alexey Viktorovich

Implemented project: Megacenter Red Square, Krasnodar

Megacenter Red Square in Krasnodar is the first shopping & entertainment mall in Kuban and one of the largest shopping & entertainment malls of a European format on the South of Russia.

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Innovative transport system Samocat Sharing
Manager of Project for development of transport network Samocat Sharing Gasanova O.G.

Implemented project: Innovative transport system Samocat Sharing

Looking at children, how easy and quickly they move on scooters, how fast they cruise across the city, the idea was born of using a scooter as a separate type of transport. In the year 2015 entrepreneur Vasily Bykov founded company Samocat Sharing.

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INCITY Group of Companies
Director Andrey Anatolievich Shadrin

Implemented project: Housing construction in Krasnodar

INCITY Group of companies has been operating on the real estate market of Krasnodar for seven years now. Over this period 16 real estate facilities of different format were commissioned from residential complexes, cottage villages up to contemporary kindergartens.

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onstruction company ALMAKS
Companys Director General Ageev Alexander Alexandrovich

Implemented project: Construction of residential complex of business class Seventh continent

The construction company ALMAKS is incorporated into a group of companies FLAGMAN that has been operating in Krasnodar region and in the city of Krasnodar since 2001.

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Construction company YugStroyImperial
Director YugStroyImperial Eroshina Inga Dmistrievna

Implemented project: Housing construction in Krasnodar

YugStroyImperial develops its activity since 2013 and is considered to be one of the leading players on the construction market of Krasnodar. According to the data from the Unified Register of Developers, the company ranks 1st in Krasnodar region in terms of the volumes of housing units being built.

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Claas Plant

Implemented project: Construction of a Plant in Krasnodar

The Claas plant was built in Krasnodar in 2005. And the simple word "built" includes herculean task. Not only the builders, who physically constructed the walls of the facilities, and the employees, who assembled the machines and equipment in them, but also the whole team implementing this project unprecedented at that time period were engaged in the construction.

During the course of the preliminary work on opening, such as analysis of the investment climate and market opportunities, choice of the construction site, logistics, obtaining the necessary permits and risk assessment, we found that Krasnodar had optimal conditions by all these parameters among all the considered regions of the Russian Federation.

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