Claas Plant

Implemented project:

Construction of a Plant in Krasnodar

The Claas plant was built in Krasnodar in 2005. And the simple word "built" includes herculean task. Not only the builders, who physically constructed the walls of the facilities, and the employees, who assembled the machines and equipment in them, but also the whole team implementing this project unprecedented at that time period were engaged in the construction.

During the course of the preliminary work on opening, such as analysis of the investment climate and market opportunities, choice of the construction site, logistics, obtaining the necessary permits and risk assessment, we found that Krasnodar had optimal conditions by all these parameters among all the considered regions of the Russian Federation.

Our cooperation with the City Administration goes beyond the relationship of a taxpayer and an executive authority. The CLAAS plant is engaged in social projects of the Administration, and we have very close ties in intercultural and international initiatives including with the city of Karlsruhe, a sister city of Krasnodar. We have opened a dual education class in which we will teach students from Krasnodar Engineering College. Many foreign investors approach us for advice on how to do business in Russia and in Krasnodar, in particular.

All our initiatives and projects are supported, as the plant is an integral part of the city, and the employees are residents of Krasnodar, who love their city. And as the Head of our Concern, Katrina Claas-Mühlhäuser, said at opening the plant in Krasnodar:

"We have come here to stay".