Director YugStroyImperial Eroshina Inga Dmistrievna

Construction company YugStroyImperial

Director YugStroyImperial Eroshina Inga Dmistrievna

Implemented project:

Housing construction in Krasnodar

YugStroyImperial develops its activity since 2013 and is considered to be one of the leading players on the construction market of Krasnodar. According to the data from the Unified Register of Developers, the company ranks 1st in Krasnodar region in terms of the volumes of housing units being built.

The company commissioned more than 250 000 square meters of housing alone in Krasnodar. The company continuously expands the line of the offered housing by creating the projects both of business class and comfort level, with an option of choice from studio to penthouse so that each resident could find its ideal version of quality housing for a comfort life.   

Apart from the construction of residential complexes, YugStroyImperial engages in land improvement and hands over boulevards and squares set up at own expense to the city at no cost.

The company YugStroyImperial discusses each proprietary project with the city administration, and resultantly engages in housing construction with due regard to the needs of the city community and provides social infrastructure: kindergartens and out-patients clinics.