Manager of Project for development of transport network Samocat Sharing Gasanova O.G.

Innovative transport system Samocat Sharing

Manager of Project for development of transport network Samocat Sharing Gasanova O.G.

Implemented project:

Innovative transport system Samocat Sharing

Looking at children, how easy and quickly they move on scooters, how fast they cruise across the city, the idea was born of using a scooter as a separate type of transport. In the year 2015 entrepreneur Vasily Bykov founded company Samocat Sharing.

More than three years spent for the launch: search for adherents and investors, selection of an optimally convenient and durable model of scooter, development of a fully stand-alone station for parking of micro-transport and creation of a mobile application.

In 2017 Samocat Sharing became a resident of techno-park Skolkovo. It is this very place where the first stations were made and tested in cooperation with a contractor. The studio of Artemy Lebedev executed the mechanics and external appearance of scooter stations. Programmers Skolkovo assisted with the software development.   

The major milestone in project implementation was to mobilize the support of municipalities since the target was not only to set up the rent of scooters but specifically that of the transport system.  

At present, network Samocats Sharing is present in 19 cities and in some foreign countries: Finland, Spain, Germany, France and Cyprus.

The administration of Krasnodar was one of the first in Russia that supported the given project by recognizing that the micro-transport, including scooters, could become a part of municipal infrastructure, and by assigning places for housing the parking lots.

Residents and guests of Krasnodar are actively using the service Samocats Sharing despite the fact that the network is just being shaped.

New improved pavements start emerging in the city; traffic lanes for public and micro-transport are assigned. This contributes to the development of the use of transport network Samocat Sharing.

Presently, the network avail of muscle scooters, however, it is planned to introduce electricity-driven ones in future. The companys plans are to accommodate 150-200 stations in the city, along the main transport arteries of the city, in the promenades and in the dormitory districts.