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Welcome to Krasnodar city

Dear friends!

Krasnodar is the fastest developing metropolis of the South of Russia, the capital of the Krasnodar Region.

According to official statistics, the city’s population is more than 900 thousand inhabitants. Although actually, it exceeds 1 million people.

In recent years, our city continues to be the leader on the most social and economic development indicators among the large cities of the Southern Federal District, and for example, it competes with Moscow and St. Petersburg on the housing construction rate and retail space providing.

Commissioning of housing construction has reached 2 million square meters (the indicator has reached the record figure of 2,009.5 thousand sq. m in 2015), and there are 1,343 square meters of retail spaces per 1,000 inhabitants in Krasnodar. There are the main Russian and foreign retail chains in the city; among them there is a head office of the leader of the Russian food retail company "Magnit" as well.

Small and medium enterprises compose a large part of the Krasnodar economy. More than 77,300 small and medium-sized enterprises, among which 145 medium-sized enterprises, 28,700 small enterprises and more than 48,000 individual entrepreneurs operate in the city. The total number of population employed in small and medium-sized enterprises exceeded 230 thousand people by the end of 2015.

The Kuban capital regularly figures in the top ten of various economic ratings among Russian cities and many times became on the first line as one of the most comfortable for living, business dealing and prospective cities in the country.

Krasnodar is the leader of the investment development in the Krasnodar region. We pay a lot of attention to the work with investors including foreign ones. Production enterprises and trade centers of the main foreign brands such as CLAAS, STIHL and Philip Morris, successfully operate in our city today.

We are open to cooperate and ready to discuss projects at various levels. Our principle position is to build a flexible policy in respect of investors, provide support for projects and create the conditions and sites for their implementation.

I am sure that all these factors will continue to contribute the successful development of Krasnodar as an investment attractive city.

We invite all investors to cooperate with us!

Acting Mayor of Krasnodar City
Evgeny A. Pervyshov