Welcome to Krasnodar city

Dear residents and guests of Krasnodar!

Dear investors of our city!

Krasnodar is a fast developing city and an administrative, industrial, business, trade, scientific and cultural center of Kuban.

Owing to peculiarities of the geographical position, Krasnodar serves as a large transport hub of the South of Russia and an attractive place for residence, business conduct and recreation. The routes of the federal significance which connect regions of our country with marine international ports of Krasnodar region and resorts of Black Sea and Azov seas pass via the city. The international airport and two railway stations are located on the territory of the city.

Since 2018 Krasnodar has officially become a "million-plus" city ranking 16th in Russia though almost 1.5 million inhabitants factually reside in Krasnodar.

Krasnodar accounts for the highest portion of small and medium-sized business entities of the region. By the end of 2019, this sector сomprised 83.5 thousand companies with 242.7 thousand people involved. However, the turnover of small and medium-sized business entities made 41.4% of the turnover of all business entities in the city.

During two years in conjunction with the senior architects of the country and principally with the residents of Krasnodar we developed a Master Plan of our city. The principal Territory Planning Scheme of the capital of Kuban defines its development prospects for the upcoming 20 years. The basic priorities are the development of social infrastructure and road network of the city. These are the integral factors of a successful and fast developing city where it is comfortable to live and work.    

To implement these large-scale plans we started intensively developing this form of collaboration between the municipality and business community – municipal & private partnership. This enables to attract private investments into construction and reconstruction of social infrastructure facilities. 

We carry out systematic efforts to support small and medium-sized business in our city. In August 2019 a municipal center for development of entrepreneurship "Platform" was opened in Krasnodar. Free consultations and assistance of qualified experts on matters of business conduct can be obtained in the center.

A construction industry is being actively developing in Krasnodar. Today developers implement projects on comprehensive construction of micro-districts, schools, kindergartens and infrastructure facilities.

The regional capital becomes a place of residence of large business. The industrial production is being developed in our city; projects on establishment and development of industrial zones, techno-parks and logistics centers are being implemented. The construction of the largest logistics center of the Russian internet shop Winderberries started in the Eastern industrial zone in June 2020. I am confident that this company would feel comfortable here as other enterprises operating in Krasnodar. The headquarters of the largest Russian retail network "Magnit" is located here. Companies with foreign capital, including KNAUF, Philipp Morris, CLAAS, Cargill, Raiffeisen Bank and others are successfully operating in the city. Large foreign retail networks such as Auсhan, Leroy Merlin and Metro Cash & Carry are presented here.        

Since 2018 Krasnodar has been incorporated into the International Club of Smart Cities. This enables to obtain additional support in the implementation of projects which would help to make our city more comfortable and livable. The trend in the near term integrated into the process of development of Krasnodar would be a "smart" digitalization of urban environment which would affect many spheres of urban life: logistics, transport infrastructure and housing services and utilities.      

Our target is contemporary Krasnodar where the latest technologies are organically blended with the basic development lines and the achieved results makes the life of residents the most comfortable and convenient.

I am assured that our city has wonderful future and we create it together! 

Chief of the municipal formation of the city of Krasnodar Eugene Pervyshov